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Your DNA and its interaction with your environment defines you health, beauty, wellness and illness. Genetic predisposition analysis is a new tool that has become available to informed and proactive individuals and their physicians to assess potential predispositions to and protections from various conditions that can be inherited.

We offer the following Genetic Testing panels at NM

  • Health Predispositions : According to WHO, 80% of all premature deaths due to Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes can be prevented by lifestyle and dietary modifications. Lifestyle interventions are widely considered to be more effective and economical than clinical intervention in dealing with metabolic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc.
  • Nutrigenetics : Insights provided through nutrigenetics analysis allow individuals to understand their body's macro- and micro-nutrients requirements including carbohydrate & fat response, lactose & gluten intolerance, and caffeine & salt sensitivity, and design a nutrition plan best suited to optimize metabolism, improve energy levels, and better manage pre-existing health & skin conditions.
  • Fitness Genetics : Armed with this next level of information, know which exercises are best suited to you, reduce injuries and achieve peak performance.
  • Derma Genetics : Insight into one's genetic makeup and predisposition to ageing (wrinkles & sagging skin), acne, pigmentation, etc., allow individuals to proactively protect against these conditions and delay their onset.
  • Pharmacogenetics : Pharmacogenetics is built around the idea of personalized medicine; this is an advanced tool to enable physicians to more effectively choose the right medicines at the right dose for you.

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